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Joe Dean: Why I'm Voting For Joe Voiland

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On RightWisconsin today.

Why I'm Voting for Joe Voiland By Joe Dean


Judge Wolfgram signed the Governor Walker recall petition.  With due respect for his position and his inner circle of courthouse supporters -- please, recall this:  Chaos.
Remember those Democratic lawmakers upending their oath to uphold the Constitution by fleeing to Illinois? Do you recall our children abandoned in classrooms while some teachers received fake doctors excuses; the "shame shame shame," childish tantrums and sometimes violent behavior by a nationally aided mob in our great State Capitol? 
And, what of the 14 million in taxpayer dollars wasted because a vocal minority disagreed with Act 10? 
I understand "politics aint bean ball," and while I sincerely wish Tom Wolfgram well, it is fair to question the judgment of a judge who signs such a recall in the midst of the chaos.  Just as it is right to assume certain things about my politics as an ardent supporter of our Governor, it is not a stretch to wonder about a sitting judges’ views after he took such a blatantly political and public action.
Fortunately Ozaukee, we have a choice. Joe Voiland brings a wealth of experience ranging from our federal court system to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Further, Joe is a Navy veteran, a dedicated father, youth sports coach, a member of St Joseph’s church and a humble, active community servant.
Politics can be uncomfortable, especially in communities where friendships run deep. There is no joy for me in penning this letter. Yet, we are called to a government of, by and for the people. When our leaders take public, political action, and fail to offer a reasonable explanation it becomes necessary to hold them accountable. Please, vote your conscience on April 2nd. Vote for integrity, experience, fairness and a straightforward, non-partisan, Constitutional approach to the judiciary. Joe Voiland is the right choice. 
Joe Dean is an Ozaukee County Supervisor and Alderman in Port Washington

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