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Recall Ed Fallone's Activism

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It is time to recall Ed Fallone's activist (not so distant) past.
As Collin Roth writes:  
On November 30, 2011 liberal Marquette Law professor Ed Fallone signed a petition to recall Governor Scott Walker. When asked about the signature, Fallone stated he signed "because like almost one million other Wisconsin residents [I] believed that the recall question should be put before the voters of this state for their consideration." Just a diplomatic way of saying he supported the recall, the chaos, and the attempt to cut short the Governor’s term.
Fallone was not a candidate for Supreme Court justice at the time of his recall signature. But Fallone was an ardent and articulate defender of judges who did shed their image of impartiality to participate in the recall effort. 
Fallone passionately argued in March 2012 that Wisconsin judges who signed the recall petition were not required to recuse themselves from cases in which Scott Walker was a party. 
Remaining consistent, when asked whether he would recuse himself from a case involving Walker, Ed Fallone told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "There is nothing in the judicial code that suggests signing a recall petition -- which is a constitutionally protected exercise of an individual right -- mandates recusal from cases in which the governor’s name appears on a case."
Fallone defends judges signing recall petitions on Constitutional grounds. One would not expect much else from a law professor. But most would agree that judges signing recall petitions is unwise, unprofessional, and should not be encouraged.
So it is no surprise that over half of Ed Fallone’s 18 judicial endorsements signed the Scott Walker recall.
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