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Busting the Myth That Wisconsin Republicans Redistricted Their Way to the Majority

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By now I'm sure you've heard the argument that the only reason Wisconsin Republicans are in control in Madison is that they rigged the redistricting process and gerrymandered the maps.
David Blaska takes that argument, deconstructs it, and blows it to bits in his column today.
Observing that Democrats took 51% of the vote nationwide but fell 33 seats short of a majority in the U.S. House, researchers John Sides and Eric McGhee ask: “Has gerrymandering allowed Republicans to defy the will of the people?”
Not really, they answer. For one thing, they observe, Democrats typically run up the score in densely populated urban areas in districts that are compactly drawn and properly respect communities of interest.  
At most, they conclude, redistricting cost Democrats only 7 congressional seats. However, “once we took incumbency into account, the apparent effect of gerrymandering vanished.” 
The Blaska Policy Werkes and Tanning Salon applied the same rigorous metrics to the Wisconsin Assembly, whose 99 members face re-election every year as does the U.S. House of Representatives.
Talk about running up the score: in populous urban areas like Dane County, Democrats Diane Hesselbein, Melissa Sargent, and Chris Taylor were elected to their first terms on November 6 without Republican opposition. Republicans tend not to make the race unless they perceive a reasonable chance of winning. Maybe they’re more pragmatic that way. Perhaps doing so save resources for the close battleground fights.  
Read the rest, here.
Also at RightWisconsin today, the mainstream media isn't telling you the truth about the school choice debate in Green Bay and elsewhere. Fortunately, we have RightWisconsin to fill in the gaps. Jerry Bader is back this morning with the details of what really happened last night at two school choice-related events, and he has more details about that controversial email from the Green Bay school district.
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