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Bad Romance: The Unions Break Bad on Obamacare

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The trouble in paradise is the topic of my latest column at RightWisconsin.


As the disenchantment with Obamacare unfolds across the political landscape, it’s hard not to indulge in a bit of unseemly schadenfreude, or at least a bit of we-told-you-so. 
This is, however, only the beginning. We have yet to see all of the unintended consequences of the various mandates and taxes, although we are certainly getting a taste. Employers are already cutting back the hours of part-timers, premiums are already moving higher, and even supporters are starting to realize that simply because Obama made them a promise that doesn’t make it so.
The latest group to get a taste of this promise vs. reality is (deliciously and ironically enough) organized labor. Read the rest.

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