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Milwaukee's "Evil Mr. Rogers"?

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On RightWisconsin today.

The "Evil Mr. Rogers" of Milwaukee

The Left isn’t much obsessed with conservative talk radio are they? Check out who the daily Kos names the "Evil Mr. Rogers. It may not be who you think...


Explaining the Latest Act 10 Decision By Rick Esenberg

The decision confirms that there is no "window of opportunity" to violate Act 10. The Court of Appeals confirmed the long standing rule that a decision of a circuit court has no precedential value. It noted that there was risk in either negotiating a contract inconsistent with Act 10 or in refusing to bargain over terms prohibited by Act 10. The former is true because, if Judge Colas is reversed, his decision becomes a nullity. It did not "suspend" the operation of Act 10 or place it on hold. Municipal employers who negotiate agreements that are not compliant with Act 10 do so at their own risk.


Ed Fallone Coddled Ex-Gang Leader By Collin Roth

In 2001, as President of a social services organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone was confronted with the news that the group's Executive Director, Modesto Fontanez, was actually a founder of the Latin Kings gang in Milwaukee and was still on parole for a cocaine drug conviction. But Ed Fallone called the news "unfounded suspicions" and expressed "complete faith and confidence" in Fontanez.

When Fontanez’s gang involvement prevented the Center from receiving a $192,000 federal anti-crime grant and $75,000 in funding from the County for a new soccer complex, Fallone again stood by Fontanez, saying "I have every faith in him."
It was only when Fontanez, married and in his 40's, knocked up a 19 year-old client of the organization that Fallone reluctantly acted. He said he accepted his resignation "with regret."


Senator Ron Johnson's Latest Effort to Kill Obamacare

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