The man who is pledging to restore civility to the Wisconsin Supreme Court has turned to an unlikely ally.

State Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) will be co-hosting a fundraiser for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone on March 19.
A female aide to Hulsey earlier this year reported to police that she felt threatened and "terrified" by her boss. According to a police report, Hulsey brought a box cutter into the Capitol and threatened to bring a gun into the Capitol as well, something he never ended up doing.

Paul Ryan In The Arena Again

Paul Ryan finds himself in the national spotlight again today, as he unveils the House GOP budget.
As Andrew Stiles notes, the document will not only affect Ryan’s 2016 presidential prospects, it will also lay out a blueprint for the conservative alternative to Obamanomics.

Hand Off The Big Gulp By James Wigderson

In 1773, Boston residents threw tea into the harbor to protest. In 1985 people across the country poured New Coke into the sewers to protest the change in formula. Nearly 30 years later buying a 64-ounce soda may soon become a revolutionary act.


Obamacare Kills An Oconomowoc Business

When Obama defeated Romney in the election, I knew Obamacare would be upheld. In Obamacare there is a 10-percent tanning tax," [Marijo Rislov] explained.

The tax was added to healthcare reform in place of an originally proposed 5-percent tax on Botox and cosmetic surgery referred to as "Botax."
Rislov said the tax made a significant difference in her business. She said she was making only a 10-percent profit at Rio Tan, "so Obama was getting 100 percent of my proceeds." Rislov said that instead of passing along the burden to her customers, she decided it was time to forego the tanning salon venture.



Ron Johnson: Obamacare Will Lead To Rationing