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Brett Hulsey's Violent, Rambling Speech

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Brett Hulsey's Violent, Rambling Speech By Brian Sikma

A draft of a floor speech prepared by state Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) in January contained ominous musings about gun violence in the state Capitol, a police report shows. The speech draft emerged as part of a Capitol Police report on Rep. Brett Hulsey's allegedly odd behavior, which caused a female aide to say that she was "terrified" of her boss.
According to Capitol Police records, Hulsey walked into the Capitol earlier this year carrying a box cutter and acting a way that caused a Capitol Police officer to be concerned about the well being of those the lawmaker came into contact with.
In the speech draft, Hulsey references his own background with firearms and then makes references to gun violence that could have happened if he and others opposed to collective bargaining reform had been allowed to carry guns in the Capitol in 2011.




Dreams of Killing... Scott Walker

A member of UW-Madison's Geography Department went on Facebook to share her dream of "murdering Scott Walker with a knife to the gut."

Karen Turek made that comment on Saturday on her personal Facebook page. She posted, "Last night I dreamed I saw a huge tornado tearing through Wisconsin and then I murdered Scott Walker with a knife to the gut. Hmm, what do you think that means?"


So We Can’t Afford WH Tours, But We Can Afford Another Obama Vacation? By Charlie Sykes

Keep in mind that the Obama Administration has already set the bar here: It says it can’t afford to continue White House tours, blaming the sequestration budget cuts. ABC estimates those tours cost about $18,000 a week.

But now there are media reports that the president is gearing up (or down) for yet another elaborate presidential vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, where the leader of the free world and first family will get to frolic with his fellow beautiful people.


How Mike Ellis, Influential Liberal Conspire to Undermine Scott Walker By Jerry Bader

If you were to ask a thousand Wisconsinites who is the most powerful influential liberal in the state, I’m guessing most would struggle mightily to answer. The answer is actually easy, if not obvious; Scott Bauer.If you’re asking "who is Scott Bauer" you likely consume your news without checking bylines.


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