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Another Judicial Embarrassment

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Another Judicial Embarrassment

The 19th century Chicago journalist Finley Peter Dunne wrote that newspapers took it upon themselves to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” In the present century the mission seems to have degenerated into covering the ample posteriors of the comfortable.

Last week the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel strained so hard covering a comfortable posterior that it made our heads hurt miles away. An incumbent judge in Ozaukee County evidently needs help explaining his signature on the 2011 Walker recall petition and why it shouldn’t be seen as the kind of partisan political act judges are supposed to avoid.

The Journal Sentinel urges upon its readers the fantastic tale that Judge Thomas Wolfgram signed the recall petition only because he wanted more information about the Governor’s Act 10 collective bargaining reforms.

Say what? A 19-year veteran of the Ozaukee County bench wanted to learn more about complex legislation and concluded this worthy goal would be best served by removing the governor from office?


Is Graeme Zielinski writing editorials at The Capital Times? By David Blaska

This article's headline slights the Madison-based news and opinion outlet. For The Capital Times has been doing mean-spirited a lot longer and with bile more highly distilled than the demoted spokesmouth for the state Democratic Party.

Few voices this side of Graeme Zielinski are as consistently partisan, or more over the top, than Wisconsin’s sef-described progressive voice. Take, for example, The Times’ most recent in-kind endorsement to the campaign of State Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone. (As Henny Youngman would say, "please.") It comes in the form of a hit job on the incumbent, Justice Patience Roggensack.



Paul Ryan Playing Behind The Scenes Role In Immigration Reform

Even as he prepares to roll out a new budget -- a feat that has so far defied the president's talents -- Paul Ryan is reportedly playing a major role in crafting a immigration reform bill. Ryan's involvement suggests (1) he is broadening his approach to non-budget issues, and (2) that House conservatives are increasingly serious about getting something done


Mayor Barrett's Idea of Leadership

Mayor Barrett, hard at work. And beyond parody.
Violent crime in his city is up, the schools are awful, local government is dysfunctional... but this morning Barrett sent out this email:
10:52 AM (19 minutes ago)
Dear Friends:
Today is the final day to cast your vote and help us win the Fan Favorite contest for the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge.
Bloomberg has partnered with Huffington Post to host a "Fan Favorite" contest. The winner of this contest will receive $50,000 in start-up funds from IBM and promotional assistance from Huffington Post. As a proud Milwaukeean, I am asking you to join me in spreading the word and helping us win votes.
Please share the link to vote with your friends, family and coworkers: It only takes a few minutes and registration is not required.
I believe HOMEGR/OWN is a winning strategy that will help not just our city and region, but could also help cities all over the nation. Please #VoteMilwaukee TODAY!
Thank you for everything you’ve done to support this worthwhile effort.
Tom Barrett

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