[Milwaukee, Wisc...] The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office has denied an open records request for the "total number of hours employees spent working on the John Doe investigation," because, they assert, no such document exists.

Deputy District Attorney James Martin told the MacIver Institute that the DA's office could not provide the information requested because under state law, their office is not required "create a new record for your benefit."
"The public records law 'does not require an authority to create a new record by extracting information from existing records and compiling the information in a new format,'" Martin said.

Dumb (Liberal) Bigot Of The Day By Charlie Sykes

We’ll see whether DA John Chisholm decides this is worthy of prosecution, but our latest example of tolerant, liberal compassion – a threatening obscene email to Sheriff David Clarke Jr. -- comes with a special dose of profound stupidity.


Ed Fallone's "Living Constitution"

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone has never been a judge. But Ed Fallone is a very vocal and opinionated writer on a number of political and legal topics. The Marquette Law Professor has said more than a few interesting things that RightWisconsin will be highlighting in a new feature called "Quotable Fallone."...