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Sheriff David Clarke Fires Back (Again)

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Sheriff David Clarke Fires Back (Again)

Clarke answers Police Chief Ed Flynn's comment on the latest "assault weapon" shooting.


Will Russ Feingold Run Against Scott Walker? By David Blaska

My old alma mater, The Capital Times, often exceeds even the troubled Graeme Zielinski in its partisan animus toward Scott Walker. That the governor defied the will of the Solidarity Singers by winning re-election less than two years after first being elected is a Democrat(ic) disaster of Super Storm Sandy proportions. (Or Chris Christie proportions, for that matter.)

As a result, women are dying like mayflies in June, our schools have become Furniture Liquidators, Inc.showrooms, hordes of homeless wander our state like Moses in the desert, an dour streams run black with sewage — and not just on the Bad River Chippewa lands. Worse, the Kochs have adopted a third brother, named him Scott, and moved him into the governor’s mansion.


Tammy Baldwin: Tax And Spend

Democrats fell far short of the 60 votes they needed for their bill to avoid today’s sequestration. The bill was by all Republicans as well as by several vulnerable Democrats from red states.

But Wisconsin’s new senator voted "yes"… even though the measure would had added $7.2 billion to the federal deficit over ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).


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