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Debunking The Left's Tax Spin

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Today at RightWisconsin.

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Debunking The Left's Tax Spin

Last week, this headline, or a variant on it appeared across the state: "Analysis: Walker's income tax cut helps rich more."

This is, of course the usual liberal narrative to attack income tax cuts, but the uncritical acceptance by the state’s media was… well, it wasn’t surprising at all. By and large, media outlets (1) used the analysis by the left-wing Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy for the equally left-wing Wisconsin Budget Project verbatim, and (2) never identified the organizations as progressive advocacy groups.

But, even so, one suspects that this is the headline that the Walker folks hoped to avoid.  By leaving the upper tax rates untouched (for families making more than $211,000) and lowering the three bottom brackets, Walker might have imagined that he could diffuse the class warfare attacks on tax cuts.

If so, he underestimated the mendacity of the left and the willingness of the media to play along.


Sheriff Clarke: Abele Has a Bit of Penis Envy

Another day, another shot against the outspoken Milwaukee sheriff.

After weeks of effectively blacking out many of Sheriff Clarke’s public comments (except the ones they could spin against him), the Journal Sentinel today features a column by Dan Bice questioning the sheriff’s unwonted silence on the issue of slashing the County Board’s pay. The article notes that Clarke has frequently clashed with the board, but has also been at odds with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele who is pushing the  pay cut bill.

We won’t rehash all of the the overheated conspiracy theories.  You can read them in Bice’s column. But we will share this. Here is the full email to Bice from Abele’s flack, Brendan Conway...


Judge Who Signed Walker Recall Now Faces Voters

Ozaukee County Judge Thomas Wolfgram publicly advocated for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's removal from office. In five weeks that public act may actually lead to his dismissal from the bench.



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