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Fear And Loathing On The Left

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Fear and Loathing On The Left

Okay, we get it that the left really, really doesn’t like Scott Walker and that they are outraged by his second budget.  

Walker loves highways, hates children, blah blah. 

But even with all of the faux indignation, there’s a staleness to much of the reaction – a warmed-over, paint-by-numbers quality to the left’s attempt to work itself into high dudgeon over a budget that increases aid to education and cuts middle class taxes.

You can almost feel them straining to recapture some of the passion of the last time around, and not quite being able to pull it off, sort of like an aging hippie riding around in an old VW bus with a faded RECALL WALKER bumper sticker. (Wait, that actually describes half of the UW faculty.)

Herewith a quick summary of the left’s reaction, with brief commentary:


Paul Ryan On The Sequestration Freakout

Is Paul Ryan freaking out over the end-of-the-world spending cuts?


MATC To Taxpayers: Bend Over

How is the MATC board going to stick it to taxpayers this time?


Mayor Barrett Beclowns Himself Again

Along with other bogus accusations, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett accused Gov. Walker of making a political payoff to the Milwaukee Police and Fire unions when the Governor proposed lifting residency requirements for city employment. Barrett, who ardently defends the residency requirement, said, "by abandoning the Republican mantra of local control, [Governor Walker] is paying back supporters with a political favor."

Both the Milwaukee Police and Fire unions endorsed Governor Walker in 2010 and 2012.   But Barrett’s accusation of political payoff falls really flat, really fast. 





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