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Walker's Budget: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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At RightWisconsin today.

Our Daily Key Reads...


Winner of the Day: Wisconsin Public Employees

Loser of the Day: Senator Mike Ellis


And our lead story:

What Conservatives Need to Know About Walker's Budget, By Brian Fraley

Like any Budget, the document drafted by the Walker Administration will have it’s share of golden nuggets and clunkers, too. Based on what we heard last night, here’s some of the quick takeaways for conservatives:
The Good
It includes an income tax cut.
The Bad
Rather than flatten tax rates, Walker proposes to cut the bottom three rates, which actually widens the disparity. Moreover, although it is a step in the right direction, the cut itself is paltry...
In Defense of the Boy Scouts, By Michelle Litjens

Few words conjure up the image of a well behaved, God fearing, community driven young man more than the word "Boy Scout." In fact, employers and universities get excited when they see "Eagle Scout Award" on a resume. It is common knowledge that kids who participate in the Boy Scouts obey direction, work hard, and are courteous, just to mention a few traits that are sorely lacking in the rest of our youth today.


Tom Barrett's Latest Epic Fail

Mayor Barrett is asking folks to go to the Huffington Post and vote online to support his grow-your-own food initiative. Seriously.


Gwen Moore: Milwaukee's Ms. No By Collin Roth

For Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI-04), reforms that foster responsibility are "ideological" attacks contrary to the "best interest of the people whom we represent." 
Moore,  for example, condemned Wisconsin Gov. Walker's proposed reforms to the FoodShare program that would require able-bodied adults without dependent children to enroll in job training programs in order to receive food stamps, saying the change "would increase the number of hungry adults in Wisconsin."
Why?  Moore explains that Milwaukee has a 9.6% unemployment rate and that "securing employment after finishing unpaid job training is not guaranteed." So, Moore argues,  job training without a guaranteed job is a waste of time.
But at least Moore has been consistent; she has been among the most outspoken opponents of measures to reform entitlement programs and provide accountability mechanisms to curtail fraud.
Think of her as the Anti-Paul Ryan.




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