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Election Fallout: Biggest Winners and Losers

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Over at RightWisconsin this today:

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The Election's Biggest Winners and Losers

Pat Roggensack scored a massive win last night, getting 64 percent of the vote, more than double that of her April opponent, Marquette University's Ed Fallone. Conservatives shouldn't pop the champagne just yet, however. Fallone received more votes than moonbat JoAnne Kloppenburg did in the primary two years ago, and she came within 7,000 or so votes from winning in the general less than two months later.

Adam Neylon scored an impressive win in Waukesha County last night, and is poised to become a rising star in Madison. The big endorsements went to more politically experienced opponents Jeanne Tarantino and Ed Bauman, but Neylon parlayed his Capitol connections to score a few of his own as well. Most importantly, the kid worked his tail off. His aggressive campaign paid off in what turned out to be both a blowout (of Tarantino) and a squeaker (he beat Baumann by 30 votes). Those extra ten minutes he spent on the door each day the last two weeks? Well, when you win a coveted seat by such a small margin, that extra effort makes the difference.

Read the rest here....


Fighting Wireless Welfare Fraud...

No, it’s not really an Obama Phone. The program predates the current administration, but has exploded in the last four years., which may explain this woman’s misunderstanding.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the investigation into widespread fraud and abuse of the government’s wireless welfare program.

Regulators looking into the burgeoning federal program to provide subsidized phone service for the poor are finding growing cause for concern.

Last year, the government spent an estimated $2.2 billion on the Lifeline program, up from $819 million four years earlier, as dozens of small companies were authorized to start providing the service.

The good news is that Wisconsin’s regulators have been ahead of the curve.


Gwen Moore: Milwaukee's Ms. No.

Our congresswoman opposes every effort to reform entitlements...


Race card Backfires in Green Bay By Jerry Bader

This story has everything: clean energy that isn’t, shameless use of the race card and a mainstream media that ignores it all.
Last year the Green Bay City Council approved a permit for a "waste-to-energy" recycling plant proposed by Oneida Seven Generations (OSG), an entity which has ties to the Oneida tribe. The $20 million "gasification plant" was sold as your standard green energy miracle: garbage is converted to usable energy by a process that isn’t incineration and has no smokestacks. Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, who is obsessed with turning his city into a Midwestern environmental mecca, embraced a facility that other nearby communities rejected.


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