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Mayor Barrett, Tear Down This Wall

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Mayor Barrett, Tear Down This Wall, By Charlie Sykes

If we are looking for ultimate symbol of the residency rule, consider the Berlin Wall.

That city’s leaders were convinced that if residents were free to leave, many of them would choose to relocate elsewhere. They were undoubtedly right, since the attractions of East Berlin – even with the free health care and plentiful police presence – apparently did not appeal to many of the city’s inhabitants.

Mass flight would have been embarrassing to the city’s self-image and would undoubtedly have affected property values, such as they were after the devastation of WWII.  So East Berlin decided to enact the world’s toughest residency rule: Stay Here Or We Will Shoot You. 


A $43 Million Sign, By Joe Sanfelippo

How many of you would invest $550 to make a guaranteed $43 million? Sounds like a no brainer; yet some are questioning the purity of my decision.

The strange concern arose over $550 in "pork" that was assumed to be at the request of Sen. Lena Taylor.  Last year I requested that the state reference bureau provide a summary of all obsolete state statues relating to the County.  One statute cited was a required sign in the statutes for the Black Holocaust Museum which no longer exists.  When Sen. Taylor reviewed the bill, she requested the existing statute be changed to highlight the Wisconsin Black Historical Museum which I believed was a reasonable request...


How Many People Did Jim Doyle Kill?

Where was the liberal outrage when Jim Doyle capped Medicaid eligibility?


Is Marquette University embracing FemSex? 

Marquette university professor John McAdams brings attention to a new workshop being offered at the supposedly Catholic Institution.


Paul Ryan: No New Taxes

The video and full transcript of Ryan's appearance on ABC's This Week Sunday.

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