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Why You Need To Make More Babies

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Hey USA: Make More Babies By Charlie Sykes

Ours is the Age of Political Distraction.

In case you haven’t noticed, our debates increasingly focus not on the issues before us, but on the cultural distractions of the moment. It’s not so much that we fiddle while Rome burns, as much as we obsess about the Kardashian’s while the roof is collapsing on us.

History will recall with bemusement that while America was drowning in debt, we created yet another unaffordable entitlement and launched a $1 trillion stimulus spending program that promised to jump start the economy, but didn’t. As we slouch toward an inevitable debt crisis, we earnestly debate… what? Soda bans, plastic bag regulation, and how hard we should crack down on kids who use their fingers as pretend guns.

But those distractions may pale before the fertility crisis.

Even as we obsess over free taxpayer-funded contraceptives, gay marriage, and women in combat, the country actually faces an awkward and politically incorrect reality: we’re not making enough babies.


Is Justice Bradley Unhinged?

Yesterday’s comments demonstrate - or at minimum strongly suggest - that Justice Bradley is fundamentally unstable, at least mildly paranoid, and incapable of separating personal feelings of animosity from her public job.

As such, you have to seriously question her ability to render impartial justice from the bench at the WI Supreme Court.

She is so obsessed with her hatred of Justice Prosser (remember, she was the one who rushed and attacked him with fists flying in the famous "incident") that it apparently colors everything she thinks and feels about her fellow Justices, her workplace, and her job.


Tarantino Aide Cited For Drunk Driving En Route To Pick Up Candidate's Kid

WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee reported Thursday night that Assembly candidate Jeanne Tarantino’s campaign aide Rachel Pecor was arrested for drunk driving on her way to pick up Tarantino’s child.


GOP Porks Up Reform Bill to Buy Support

What was the price to get bipartisan support for the new legislation that would trigger the reformation of the Milwaukee County Board? Well,for starters, a sign on the side of the highway.



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