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The ACLU Clown Show Continues

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On RightWisconsin today:

The ACLU Clown Show

Clowns have rights.

Even these clowns have rights.

That's the basis for the ACLU's lawsuit against the (finally enforced) rules regarding protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The Constitution’s objective is to limit the role of Government and to protect the rights of the individual. I support free speech and have long opposed idiotic restrictions like campus speech codes. As much as I loathe groups like the Klan and Neo-Nazi groups, I understand their First Amendment rights to hold and express their views.

But clowns and racists are not special. Yes they have First Amendment rights but they do not have the Constitutional right to express themselves wherever and whenever they want, free of any consequences.

No one does.


"I Did Not Lie Under Oath"

You know your campaign has hit a rough patch when your most memorable line at a candidate forum is your denial that you lied under oath. James Wigderson reports:

"At a candidate forum for the special election in the 98th Assembly District, the candidates were asked if they ever lied under oath or been arrested. In front of the approximately 100 people in attendance, Jeanne Tarantino gave a simple, "no."

Tarantino is a former aide to Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Tarantino left the office for a different position in state government before deciding to run for the open Assembly seat. In a recent divorce proceeding, Tarantino said under oath – twice – that her transfer from the Lt Governor’s office was the result of discrimination. The story was reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel before the divorce hearing records were sealed.


Did the US Try To Dump Bin Laden Shooter on Milwaukee?

This is probably the most talked about story of the day: a lengthy, sometimes gripping story of how he UW military allegedly abandoned the man who shot Osama Bin Laden, leaving him without a pension, health care. protection, or much of a life. The headline put its blunting. "Man Who Killed Osama... is Screwed."

Of local interest is the suggestion that the military offered him a new identity, selecting what they may have imagined (we can only guess) to be the most obscure possible location: Milwaukee. Driving a beer truck.

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