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Will Walker Cave?

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Today at Right Wisconsin: Will Walker Cave? (Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, visit THE FEED.)

Legislative Democrats want Gov. Scott Walker to expand Medicaid to cover up to 175,000 more adults through federal money and $66.7 million in state spending through the 2019–20 budget cycle.

Of course, Democrats want to embarrass Walker and Republicans by introducing a bill so they can get GOP legislators on the record voting against federal "free money" and being opposed to health care for the poor. Politics ain’t beanbag, said Finley Peter Doone. Democrats are for expanding government’s role in health care anyway even beyond where it is now.


Surprise!  Journal Sentinel Obscures School Choice Accountability By George Mitchell

Opponents of Wisconsin’s school choice programs once again seek to lure others to their cause with the siren song of accountability.  Assisted by shoddy reporting, they are spreading the inaccurate message that public funds are supporting unaccountable, unregulated private schools.


The More We Know About Benghazi, The Worse it Gets By Dan Deibert

Call me stubborn, but I’m not letting go of Benghazi.

The more we find out about how the Administration (including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) handled the situation, the worse it looks.

The slow drip of information continued on Thursday as Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified before a Senate committee. He admitted that during the entire 8-hour attack, Clinton failed to contact him. Nor did she contact the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Depsey. Obama, it was learned, was similarly AWOL. Dempsey testified that the State Department never requested any military assistance.


Cardinal Dolan Isn't Buying What Obama Is Selling

"Because the stakes are so high, we will not cease from our effort to assure that healthcare for all does not mean freedom for few," Timothy Cardinal Dolan said in his statement.


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