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EXCLUSIVE: On RightWisconsin This Morning

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Right Wisconsin Exclusive: Sheriff Clarke Fires Back at Milwaukee's Mayor, Police Chief

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, in an interview with a local television station, accused me of undermining public safety in Milwaukee County by issuing a personal safety ad on the radio recently.

In a previous interview with reporter Ben Poston (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 6, 2011) Chief Flynn offered this view on Milwaukee residents complaining about having to wait too long for a police response to some very serious calls for service:

"Since the average resident of this city is willing to wait four hours for the cable guy and half a day for a furniture delivery, it seems to me a reasonable delay in responding for a call is an acceptable balance. I'm willing to accept increased response time for decreased crime.”

The problem is that right now we have even worse response times and rising crime.


The Dean's Two Minutes of David Clarke Hate 

Readers of George Orwell’s 1984, will recall the regular “two minutes” of hate directed at the ideological enemies of the State...

This, of course, is fiction. In real life, we don’t have actual two minutes of hate.

We have op-ed pieces.

And it’s not Emmanuel Goldstein. It’s David Clarke Jr.

And it was Clarke’s turn again Sunday.


Ed Fallone, Independent? Not So Much.

An email from a former student of MU Law prof Ed Fallone, who is running as the union-backed candidate for state Supreme Court:


Why Did I Call Him A Clownish Lefty?

Um, because, he is.

The headline on today’s JS story is “Lemon law attorney Vince Megna's YouTube videos a wild card in election” and notes that in one of his wacky vids “ Megna wore oversize clown shoes because conservative WTMJ-AM (620) show host Charlie Sykes had branded him a ‘clownish lefty attorney.’”


No Time For the GOP  In Madison To Go Wobbly

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