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A Modest Proposal For the Archdiocese

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The Milwaukee Archdiocese says it is almost out of money as a result of the costs of it's bankruptcy and the other costs associated with the lingering child abuse scandal.

If the church really needs to come up with some cash quick, herewith a modest suggestion.

How about taking the bronze relief  of former Archbishop Rembert Weakland -- the once that depicts him as a protector children -- and put it up for sale on eBay?

Somebody's bound to pay some money for it; and it would remove an ironic reminder of the disgraced bishop from the Cathedral.

In the Weakland bronze relief, which serves as a pedestal to the Mary, Mother of the Church Shrine and is the Cathedral’s east side altar, Weakland is flanked by St. John the Evangelist and St. Anne, the mother of Mary. Also in the background of the relief, according to Chicago artists Jeffrey and Anna Koh-Varilla , is a portrait of the Cathedral’s current rector, Fr. Carl Last. A recent email by Anna and Jeffery Koh-Varilla, confirms that the relief was meant to bring the biblical scene into the contemporary world of the Milwaukee church by placing Weakland in it [as protector of children]. 


FLASHBACK: SNAP issued a statement on Weakland, saying, in part:

"[It] was Weakland who was in Milwaukee. During his entire tenure as archbishop, Weakland concealed and transferred child molesting clerics from one parish and school to another without alerting police or notifying the public. In fact, Weakland knew there were so many priests assaulting children under his supervision that, according to his 2008 deposition, he never informed parishes with offender priests assigned, or once assigned to them, because, as he put it, that would entail notifying 'nearly all' of the 300 parishes of the archdiocese and presumably, that's the only job he would be doing. Exactly."

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