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The Cheap Shot(s) On Ron Johnson

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So what's the over/under on whether the Journal-Sentinel leaps to reprint the spin from a conservative political blog anytime, say, in the next 4 years?

Clearly, however, the reporters and editors pay close attention to the left side of the blogosphere.

Yesterday afternoon, the JS, tweeted a link to a story: "Kerry criticizes Johnson for missing Benghazi briefing," and linked to the left-leaning Talking Point Memo website, which had posted a video of John Kerry asking Senator Johnson whether he had attended a briefing on Benghazi. Johnson said that he had not.  Gotcha. Or not.

There were two problems with the whole story.

First, there was no criticism by Kerry. Just a discussion of the briefing. (I tweeted:  Where is the criticism? Or did you just take the talking point from this left-leaning website?)

Second, as Johnson later pointed out, he did not "miss" the briefing. He had never been invited.

As Johnson explained:

"I became a member of the Committee quite recently, and so was not invited to the briefing offered last year. I have participated in multiple classified briefings on Benghazi, and others that were unclassified. I attended briefings offered to all Senators, and to members of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs."

Eh, never mind.... 


BONUS. The state Dems are in a rather impressive lather over the Johnson-Hillary faceoff, actually sending out  letters trying to raise cash off of Hillary's rant. Enjoy:



Friend --

In case you haven’t already heard, our very own Sen. Ron Johnson (R-La La Land) flew into a Tea Party frenzy of bizarre-o questions at yesterday’s Senate hearing on Benghazi that Hillary Clinton herself referred to as a “fairy tale.”

But instead of admitting he was wrong, or even just staying quiet and saying nothing, Johnson ran straight to right-wing radio hack Charlie Sykes to whine that Sec. Clinton’s rightful indignation was “theatrics” and that she was just getting “emotional” and making a “big show.”

If being angry and annoyed with someone’s gross ineptitude is “emotional,” then I’m pretty emotional right now knowing that Ron Johnson will be embarrassing Wisconsin for four more years. Tell Ron Johnson Wisconsin won’t stand for his ridiculous Tea Party antics anymore: Sign our petition today.

And it gets even worse. Today, Ron Johnson turned his attack on Sen. John Kerry – even as Kerry revealed that Johnson hadn’t been bothered to attend a key intelligence briefing on Benghazi.

After two years of doing nothing except make absurd claims like women can get birth control from Google and the expansion of healthcare to children, the elderly and working families is “an assault on freedom,” RoJo embarrasses Wisconsin two days in a row.

He can’t deliver on jobs, tax relief for the middle class or affordable health care for Wisconsin -- Ron Johnson brings us nothing but embarrassing news headlines. Sign our petition today and tell Ron Johnson Wisconsin is done being embarrassed by him.





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