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Right Wisconsin: 7 Days and Counting

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Dear Fellow Conservative:


What more can we do?

Like you, I heard that a lot after the November election. Enthusiasm on our side had been at an all time high. Conservative campaigns made more phone calls, knocked on more doors, made more voter contacts than ever before.  Nonpartisan conservative groups were fully engaged. Good people worked their tails off. But the conservative cause was given a setback at the polls.

Some blamed 'the bubble,' saying we were victims of denial. Others say the resources were not deployed the right way. Others pointed solely to the candidates that failed.

Well there is not one answer. But, as many of you know, I've been working on one project that is at least one 'more' thing we can do.

RightWisconsin is almost here.

As of today, the website merely archives our email newsletters. That is about to change. After three months of work behind the scenes, RightWisconsin is set to launch on January 28th.

The website will contain a mix of advertiser-supported and subscription-based material. Specifically:

  • We give you the key reads, and then tee up the conversations you'll have for the rest of the day.
  • Daily perspective essays from and a host of leading conservatives (let me know if you'd like to contribute a guest column by the way)
  • A constantly-updated blog
  • A social media feed unlike anything seen before.
  • The ability to participate in a forum that never powers down, never signs off. Engage with conservatives from across the state, really across the country, who care about Wisconsin.
Because we didn't want to burden people with obnoxious pop up ads and automatically playing video ads, There will be a modest subscription fee to access some of this great content.

Many of you are among the more than 12,000 people who already receive our free weekday email. These will continue.
If you haven't already signed up for these updates, your are going to want to do so, today. This week, Daily Briefing recipients will find out how to access all the RightWisconsin content, for free, during our Founders week.January 28 - February 2nd. Our friends at the Wisconsin Club for Growth have stepped up as a sponsor and are going to provide free access to all the content for that first week. 

In the wake of November, the RightWisconsin project is more important than we even imagined it would be. It is undeniable that Wisconsinites will benefit from our dynamic new project. They'll be better informed and better equipped to inform others.
We've created a new distribution channel for conservative ideas. We will find and amplify new conservative voices. Unlike talk radio, we don't sign off, we don't power down and we don't take nights and weekends off. We will provide a 24/7 real time forum that will help our folks not only network socially, but rise above the mainstream media filter. will be much more than just a website.

We've developing an interactive digital community, a rallying point, a one-stop source for conservatives on the front lines here.


I appreciate the time you took to read this. Had the Packers won last week, I would have sent this later this on Monday. But since they weren't playing today I figured I'd get a head start on the week ahead.
This effort goes beyond success or failure at the ballot box. We can arm ourselves with the intellectual ammunition needed to win arguments and to steer the debate. We can network with others across the state and nation. There is strength in numbers. Conservatives in Wisconsin will soon have a new weapon in our arsenal, and I hope you'll check it out.

Brian Fraley
Managing Editor, RightWisconsin

PS There are other ways you can help. Share this info with your network. Like us on Facebook. Share with your followers. Follow us on Twitter @rightwisconsin, but  be sure to sign up at to get free Daily Briefings.




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