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OMerica 2.0

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"This is Obama’s America now. He won it twice; he owns it. If he fixes it, it will be his, effectively, for decades. But if he turns it over to the next guy in roughly the same condition it’s in today, Barack Obama will have proved definitively that liberalism simply doesn’t work."

John Podhoretz on the dawn of O-America 2.0. 

The national debt stands at $16 trillion, nearly $6 trillion more than in 2008, and it’s growing.

The nation is going to have to digest ObamaCare, and the results may be extraordinarily ugly. Tens of thousands of doctors are going to retire rather than subject themselves to a more suffocating regulatory yoke than the one they already suffer under.

There will be a pitched war between the states and the federal government on the regulations governing the purchase of health insurance. Costs for individuals and their employers will go up; after all, someone has to pay for the 30 million uninsured who will now be covered.

The cure for these woes is, simply, wide-ranging and sustained economic growth at levels far higher than today — which will boost employment, fill government coffers, and offer real optimism about the future that will make the digestion of ObamaCare more palatable.

But Obama’s brand of liberalism, as the past four years have shown, is not conducive to fast growth — GDP growth, job growth, any growth except the growth of government regulation....


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