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Ed Fallone's Interesting Paper Trail

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Well, it';s not exactly a "paper" trail, but Ed Fallone's blog posts paint a rather compelling picture -- and one at sharp odds with attempts to paint the MU Law prof and Supreme Court candidate as a non-partisan independent. (Despite the fact that he signed the Walker recall petition last year.)

This does not come as a complete surprise, of course, since Fallone has been tapped to play the role of liberal heart-throb last played by the winsome Joanne Kloppenburg two years ago. We can, of course, expect the left and the media to make heroics efforts to burnish Fallone's independent credentials, even as they push his candidiacy as way of flipping the court from center right to hard-left.

Their efforts to whitewash Fallone have been complicated by Dave Blaska, who has has been doing his homework.

"My old comrade John Nichols of the anti-Capitalist Times has chosen Ed Fallone as the best hope to turn the Wisconsin Supreme Court to liberal, activist control in the supposedly non-partisan spring election.

"In the partisan Left’s view, incumbent Justice Patience Roggensack has sinned most grievously by refuting the narrative of Justice Prosser as a batterer of female justices. Roggensack, an eyewitness, describes Justice Ann Walsh Bradley as the aggressor in a mini-altercation a year and a half ago. It is an account not disputed by the other five justices in the room, including Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. (Here’s the sheriff department’s report.)

"Nichols promotes Fallone’s candidacy as a victory of impartial jurisprudence over raw politics as compared to another challenger, Vincent Megna, who admits he is a Democratic partisan."

But as Blaska notes this pretense will be difficult to maintain.

"Fallone has left quite the trail of breadcrumbs in the cybersphere. The Marquette Law School prof’s blog of Aug. 13, “On Paul Ryan and Buggy Whips,” for instance, sings the praises of the Democratic Party’s “moderately socialist spreading of the burden ...”.

In fact, this single blog (there’s more to be had) could serve as the candidate’s political platform, which is indistinguishable from Dem Party leader Mike Tate’s

Fallone damns Voter ID laws, recognizes same-sex marriage, stands with Sandra Fluke to demand “full access” to abortion and contraception, opposes tax cuts, and speaks of “leveling the playing field.” Tammy Baldwin, call your office!

But wait (as the TV pitchman says), there’s more. Here he celebrates the U.S. Supreme Court’s upholding of Obamacare. Here he praises a Dane County judge’s partial overturn of Act 10 collective bargaining reforms (and damns the “conservative noise machine”). Here he revels in the Milwaukee district attorney’s Javert-like fixation on Scott Walker. Here he condemns rules regulating demonstrations in the State Capitol, cheers the recall movement then (summer of 2011) at full mast, and praises Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi’s May 2011 open meetings ruling on Act 10 (itself eventually overturned by the state high court).

I have no problem with liberals running for judgeships; this is a democracy. But how about a little truth in advertising, John? Ed Fallone is a liberal. Say it loud, say it proud. Why else would you support him?

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