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There's Something Very Wrong With This Picture

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The dead tree features a picture of Jeanine Tracy (on the right) celebrating the firing of a Milwaukee police officer who struck her while she was in custody. She apparently feels completely vindicated.

But let's be clear: Jeanine Tracy is no Rosa Parks.


In case you haven't watched it, watch the same woman's behavior while in police custody: spitting, kicking, swearing, screaming at the officers "Punk ass bitch! Punk ass motherf*cking white bitches!"

At one point she tells her daughter to stop cooperating with the officers. "You ain't gotta talk to them. You a minor. F*ck them!"

She repeatedly yells at the officer: "Shut up, bitch!"

"You will be hearing about this. Shut up bitch. Shut the f*ck up. You punk ass bitch."

And so on for about 6 minutes.


I'm offering no justification for the behavior of the officer. But there is something wrong with this scenario.

The cop has now been held accountable for losing his temper at the end of the video. But where is Tracy's accountability?

And does anyone doubt that police officers can expect to encounter even more disrespect now?

Listener Bob makes the point here:

I am disturbed by the some of the attention the case of Officer Schoen has received. The incident began because the "victim" was breaking the law. While in custody, she showed blatant disrespect for law enforcement by cursing, spitting and who knows what else. There is no question that the officer involved is not fit to serve. While the Commission's original decision was clearly wrong, the outrage displayed by the community is almost hilarious. Their behavior at the Fire and Police Commission meetings almost mirrors Ms. Tracy's at the time of her arrest.

From your own website: "I was worried justice wouldn't be brought out, but seeing that it is, I feel much better about it," says Ms. Tracy. I am so glad she feels better. Does she feel better enough not to swear-at and spit-on policemen ever again? I highly doubt it. Anybody with any sense knows that cooperating with police will avoid an incident from escalating. Was this a case of a simple traffic stop getting totally out of control? Of course it was. However, the victim's words and actions only served to escalate things. She stated in another interview that she asked Officer Schoen to stop talking to her daughter, who was also in the car, because she was a minor. Does she not get that he was trying to verify the girl's well-being and make sure she was in the vehicle voluntarily. She was stopped for swerving her car - I am sure he was at first trying to make sure the child was not with her against her will.

I am so sick of these so-called community activists who demand proper behavior from their public servants, but have the lowest standards for themselves and their community.



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