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Unions Go Full Thug (And Still Lose)

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UPDATE: Tolerant, Compassionate Liberals (Michigan Edition)

Via Twitchy: the unionista defeat has unleashed an avalanche of death threats, obscenities and what would be hate speech if we didn't know that liberals are so loving. BTW: based on early MSM coverage, The civility police seem to have taken an early Christmas break. 


Today, union thugs brought their crusade against workplace freedom to an ugly, violent head in Lansing, Michigan. A mob of knife-wielding labor goons slashed an Americans for Prosperity tent to pieces, repeatedly punched comedian Steven Crowder in the face and threatened to kill him with a gun.

But the bloodlust didn’t end there. As Gov. Rick Snyder prepared to sign Michigan’s right-to-work measures into law, he became the latest target of the Twitter lynch mob. Once again, vicious progressives showed their true, unhinged colors by threatening to kill Snyder and wishing for his death.


Via Drudge.... Your evening must read/sees.

'WE ARE UNION!' Tempers flare...



VIDEO: Angry mob ransacks tent...

Via MacIver:


Thugs go wild!


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