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Mooching Off Disability Benefits?

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ICYMI: My appearance on Fox and Friends to talk about the epidemic of disability dependence. (Which got the lefty group Media Matters' undies in a very serious bundle. If the video below doesn't work, try the link to the MM page.)



SYKES: This is one of those moments we have to step back and say, OK, do we really want a safety net that is targeted at the genuinely disabled, or are we just creating another program for the takers in society? I mean this thing has ballooned to about a 130 billion dollars a year. There's no indication that it's going to slow down any time soon, and, quite frankly, you know the whole approach of the Americans with Disabilities Act was to integrate the disabled back into society. What this program is doing is essentially saying, no, you don't have to work, we're going to create this permanent alternative, and unfortunately that means that a lot of people, I think, are figuring out that it's easier to collect these checks than it is to go get a job, integrate into society, and learn what earned success is all about." [Fox News, Fox and Friends, 12/6/12]



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