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Here is Scott Walker's Critic

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The JS is highlighting  the latest liberal hero to rise up to take on Governor Scott Walker.

Ald. Ashanti Hamilton had strong words on Wednesday for Gov. Scott Walker on the topic of same-day registration, saying he wondered whether the governor should be arrested or jailed for taking away “our residents’ most fundamental rights.”

Hamilton issued a statement as the debate over same-day registration – a law that has been in place for 36 years – broke out on Wednesday.

Here is what Hamilton said:

“If a man was to threaten someone else with bodily harm or death in this country, that man would be arrested, charged with any number of crimes and likely jailed. But I’ve found myself wondering, in light of recent events, that if the Governor of Wisconsin threatens to take away our residents’ most fundamental rights - rights for which Americans have risked their bodies and even laid down their lives - then should not our Governor also be arrested and jailed?”

For the moment, let's leave aside Hamilton's absurd chop-logic that suggests that a policy disagreement should be treated like a criminal offense. Let's talk about Hamilton's own brush with incarceration.

The dead tree neglected to mention this:

Milwaukee Ald. Ashanti Hamilton hit his 6-year-old daughter with a hanger at least eight times, leaving whip marks on her arms and legs, according to a felony child abuse complaint against him released Monday.

The girl was crying and screaming, her leg was bleeding and the hanger was broken by the time the beating ended, according to a criminal complaint filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. The girl's older sister, who is 14, told police that Hamilton "does not usually whip her and her siblings and that he just snapped and got really angry for no reason," the complaint says.

A formal charge is expected to be filed Tuesday.

If convicted, Hamilton would face a maximum possible penalty of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine, the complaint says. Under state law, an alderman convicted of a felony must be removed from the Common Council upon sentencing.

So let's review here: Ashanti Hamilton avoided prison despite abusing his 6-year-old daughter, but thinks that Walker should be jailed for... expressing an opinion. Got it?


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