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David Clarke; The New Soft Bigotry

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Provocative email from Sheriff Clarke:

When the left does it (see link) in 2012 it's called fairness.

This is how many viewed the intelligence capability of blacks in the 1800 and 1900's. History now views this as racism, true racism which is a feeling of superiority about one's race versus another.

This idea suggests that black kids are intellectually inferior misfits incapable of higher achievement and learning. Instead of demanding better results and demanding that black parents take a more vigorous attitude toward education and learning the left lowers the bar.

This is a form of academic genocide on black children. It will forever keep them unable to thrive in American society. When these black kids grow into adulthood, they will never be able to compete against those same Asians and Whites for jobs later in life when the bigotry of low expectations won't be applied.

The biggest threat facing black America today is not gun violence, poverty or drugs. It is the liberal left. To the liberal left I say we don't need your sympathy.

We have it tough enough as it is. You are making it worse. We'll figure this out ourselves.


Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

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