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The Doe Judge Speaks (!)

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The only thing worse than a judge who thinks he's above the law is a retired judge who thinks he's above the law. Remember that the John Doe probe is supposed to be secret and witnesses are warned they face jail time if they talk about it. Yet the judge who is presiding over the 'secret" probe is granting serial media interviews, adding fuel to idle speculation about the probe.

Retired Waukesha County Judge Neal Nettesheim, who's overseeing the probe, told The Associated Press today “that would be pure conjecture” and the investigation was still open.

Nettesheim also spoke to TV reporters.

"The John Doe remains open," Judge Neal Nettesheim tells 27 News.

MADISON (WKOW) -- The judge presiding over a largely secret, Milwaukee County investigation says the probe continues, despite Governor Walker's hope for an end soon.

As a savvy listener notes:

Is the Judge in a secret John Doe investigation doing granting interviews to the press when the rest of the world is sworn to secrecy under threat of prison? If the Judge’s conduct in this probe could be investigated, even the worse than worthless Judicial Review Commission might be compelled to take action.


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