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Now What?

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Late last night, I received this email from Brian Fraley, our managing editor over at



One double order of crow, please. OK, obviously we didn't see this coming. Sure it was close in several states, but this isn't a game of horseshoes. All or nothing at the ballot box--and for the top two races conservatives here cared about (President and US Senate) we flat out lost. So now the long knives come out, the finger pointing, the pettiness, the leaks about who did or didn't do what. I've seen that movie before and frankly I would rather spend my time moving (ok, I'm going to just say it) forward.

Let's not lose sight of the fact now that the dust has settled from the two year Big Labor temper tantrum, we're basically back where we were in Madison in November 2010. The Republicans run state government here. Nationally, the House remains in GOP hands and our very own Paul Ryan joins Speaker John Boehner as the de facto leaders of the Republican Party. And while it's too early to talk about who will face the winner of the Biden-Hillary 2016 primary, Ryan will be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination unless and until someone knocks him from that perch.
In time, we'll see a more clear picture that shows what truly happened that led to tonight's election defeats. But one thing is certain: Our RightWisconsin project is more important than we even imagined it would be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the Republicans lost solely because of the pathetic job done by the mainstream media in this country. But it's undeniable that Wisconsinites will benefit from our dynamic new project. They'll be better informed and better equipped to inform others.
We'll create a new distribution channel for conservative ideas. We'll find and amplify new conservative voices. We'll provide a 24/7 real time forum that will help our folks not only network socially, but rise above the mainstream media filter. will be much more than just a website. We're developing an interactive digital community, a rallying point, a one-stop source for conservatives on the front lines here.
Obama won this state by 400,000 votes 4 years ago and he won with Presidency with a whopping 365 electoral votes. The conservative resurgence in Wisconsin and across the nation was not enough to overcome such a margin.
Well, conservatives in Wisconsin will soon have a new weapon in our arsenal.
I'm not happy about the results tonight, and not just because I hate being wrong. Our redistributionist President won enough votes to continue to build his nation of moochers. Now he has a few more Senators to help him, including the most liberal member of that chamber, our own new Senator-elect.
But candidates and elections come and go. The great causes of our time remain. We must stop the reckless spending, we must rein in entitlement and we must encourage a culture of self determination and self sufficiency in the free market. With 10,000 freedom and liberty-loving members already signed up for our newsletter, we'll hit the ground running in January with a strong, interactive online community.
Conservatives have come a long way in recent years and tonight didn't mark the end of our fight.
Not by a long shot.

Brian Fraley
Managing Editor, RightWisconsin
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