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Let's Just Steal the Pizzas!

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Watch as smug unionista activists empty out all the Palermo's pizzas from a Madison Costco to enforce their "boycott." Somehow they imagine that this petty act of vandalism, theft, and food destruction is an act of courageous resistance. 

Here is a statement from a representative of Palermo's:

Damaging, new evidence has come to light regarding the ongoing, unfair attacks against Palermo’s, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

Below is a link to a YouTube video posted earlier this month that shows opponents apparently have engaged in what amounts to destruction of property. It underscores how desperate some have become. The video shows what appears to be representatives of Voces de la Frontera at a store removing Palermo’s products from the freezer, loading them into a shopping cart and simply pushing them around the store. Based on the video, it appears that they simply left them in the cart and allowed them to thaw. At the end of the video, the perpetrators brief others about their food tampering and property destruction.

This group and its leadership have continued an assault on the company, its employees, its customers and consumers. Things like this hurt Milwaukee and make it a lot harder to attract jobs to the city. This latest act seems to indicate that they have gone to a new low in their desperate campaign. It is interesting to note that while the protesters walk around the store, consumers continue to purchase the product as noted in the video. The video indicates the protesters simply left the products in the cart and walked out of the store. At the 3:40 mark of the video, you can hear the person involved describe with much glee what she did. I can’t translate all of it, but it seems they simply left the pizzas somewhere in the store to thaw and rot. Starting at the 0:12 mark, you can see video of them actually removing the pizzas from the freezer and pushing them around the store. That lasts until the 2:00 mark.

Picketing is one thing, but tampering with products and engaging in what amounts to property destruction is against the law.

This is the type of conduct that hurts our community and hurts the local economy.




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