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UPDATED: John Doe: "Dead As A Doornail"?

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The lede is buried here in this blog post... .  Of course, it's news that Governor Walker met with prosecutors -- but, then, he said he would. "The governor cooperated, just as he said he has cooperated in the investigation," the lead prosecutor tells the paper. The real juice is further down. (Oddly enough, this story does not appear in the dead tree.)

Insiders say there has been little activity by John Doe investigators in Milwaukee County since the recall race, which Walker won over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

"This thing is as dead as a doornail," suggested one official familiar with the Milwaukee County phase of the investigation.

Other sources said Chisholm's office has not been in contact with most of the key Walker witnesses in about four months.

And then  there is this tidbit, suggesting that the DA's office was a house divided:

 Even prosecutors disagreed so vigorously with one another, two sources said, that the meeting created a rift within the Milwaukee County district attorney's office that lasted for weeks.

What was this rift over? 

How hard to question Walker? Whether to target the governor?

Were there politically-motivated prosecutors who wanted to throw charges out before the recall election?


Follow-up question: when can we expect the apologies from the folks who spent millions of dollars and much of the recall campaign suggesting that Walker would be criminally charged? Mayor Barrett? Anyone?



I emailed Dan Bice to ask him about the non-appearance of his story in the dead tree. his response:

It doesn't report that it is dead. I quote one official on the
Milwaukee phase of the investigation. The post then includes
developments on the Madison part of the probe.

It didn't run in the paper because the lead of the story dealt with a
meeting that occurred six months ago.

If I could report that the entire John Doe was dead, that would be
front page news.

BTW, when did you start caring about print edition? I thought it was
simply an object for scorn.


Bice then sent a second email:

Please be clear that I never wrote the John Doe is dead. The Madison
phase, dealing with stuff at Capitol and the recall, is active.

I just got two emails misconstruing what I wrote and crediting you.



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