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A Tale of Two Stories

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The dead tree's double standards have attracted the attention of Breitbart, which compares and contrasts the newspaper's coverage of a brutal beating of the son of a state senator on the one hand with an act of vandalism on the other. One involved an assault on a Romney supporter, the other an assault on an Obama sign. Guess which got more coverage. Writes Rebel Pundit:

While the story of Sean Kedzie, the son of Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie, who was brutally beaten by thugs shouting support for President Obama, is spreading nationally, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does not seem to think the story is that important.

After a press release and photo of Kedzie's beaten face were issued by the senator's office Monday afternoon, the story quickly began to spread. Last night, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel decided to publish 74 words about the incident. Despite Kedzie being bludgeoned by two white men after he caught them removing pro-Romney signs from his yard, causing possible skull and eye socket fractures, the Sentinel fails to describe the severity of the attack.

The Sentinel merely mentions Senator Kedzie's description that his son was "wrestled to the ground, beat and choked." This is followed by the non-descriptive line, "Sean Kedzie was treated at a hospital and later released."

Never mind the fact that Kedzie was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and told Breitbart News, "if the neighbor who came out and scared off his attackers didn't come out, it could have been much worse." Kedzie says he could barely say "please stop," he was being choked so hard, and he admits he feels he could have been killed.

I spoke with Sean Kedzie this morning. He has appeared on two prominent radio shows -- Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes in Wisconsin -- and he has been contacted by Fox 6 Milwaukee, Channel 3 and 15 Madison, and the Janesville Gazette. However, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has not contacted him or anyone in his father's office for details on an attack that many are now referring to as a vicious hate crime....

However, twenty-five minutes after the Sentinel posted this brief piece, the paper made sure to cover in detail another local political incident where a pro-Obama sign was burned in someone's yard. The Sentinel published a segment from Muskego Now and linked directly to the entire article, in which they interviewed the victim of the sign burning. "It reminded me of Mississippi in the '50s," he said, referring to churches and other property burned by opponents of the civil rights movement.

The Journal Sentinel via Muskego Now continued to play up the extremism of this occurrence: "He places the blame on extremism whipped up by talk shows that spread negativity onto the stage of ideas. He also cited politicians who refuse to cooperate with each other so that they can play the blame game. Pushing people to extremes eventually poisons the body politic, Schuele said."

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