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Meet Cinnamon

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For your weekend viewing enjoyment. (Until you realize that her vote cancels out yours.)

Watch here.

Just to clarify, Cinnamon is voting for and enthusiastically supporting Obama because she doesn’t want the U.S. to “work for” or become more in debt to China.

Further, Mitt Romney, the guy who says he will label China a “currency manipulator” and cut spending so the U.S. can stop frivolously borrowing money from China, is actually a communist/socialist working for China, according to Cinnamon.

Meanwhile, Obama has added roughly $5.4 trillion to the national debt and has been mentored by an actual card-carrying member of the Communist Party in Frank Marshall Davis.

Additionally, the president has been surrounded by socialists and revolutionaries like domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and self-proclaimed Marxist revolutionary Dr. Roberto Mangabeira Unger. Oh, and I guess we could also mention Rev. Jeremiah Wright who has been known to be a little anti-American and controversial from time to time.

Got it?

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