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Yet Another Reason We Need RightWisconsin

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Yet another reason why need a local alternative media, like On a day when Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton stumped in Wisconsin, I had a chance to talk with Paul Ryan The result was a link to the audio by Time Magazine, stories by the Washington Post, CBS, and AP that were linked on the front page of the Drudge Report and picked up by newspapers and websites across  As of this posting, not a single word in the JS... Apparently, unlike much of the rest of the media, they were unable to find anything newsworthy, perhaps because they make it a habit to ignore conservative talk radio "entertainers." How's that working out for them?

Herewith a sampling:

The Washington Post:Paul Ryan: Joe Biden's interruptions 'not our manners'

GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Friday that he was expecting Vice President Biden to interrupt him at last week’s debate, but he wasn’t prepared for other parts of the vice president’s performance, including his frequent laughing and smiling while Ryan was speaking.

“I expected the interruptions. I guess I can’t say I expected the other stuff you mentioned,” Ryan told conservative radio host Charlie Sykes in an interview Friday morning. He added: “Look, they had a bad first debate, so I knew he’d be coming at me. … I think if two guys just start getting in an interruption shouting match, that doesn’t do anybody any good.”

He told Sykes that he thought it was “important to be respectful of one another’s time” and said of Biden’s frequent interruptions: “It’s not our manners, where we come from.”

“I was not going to try and follow suit with that kind of demeanor. … I wasn’t going to try and let that get under my skin and try and follow suit with that, I guess I’d say, demeanor. I wanted to make my case,” he said.

Asked about President Obama’s appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday night, Ryan said he read the transcript but hadn’t seen the show. He argued that with regard to the administration’s response to the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that “a month later, we still have more questions than answers,” contending that the White House has been “inconsistent” and “misleading” on the issue.

“These deaths in Libya were a tragedy,” he said. “I’m sure that the president mourns those deaths. The problem is their story continues to shift. They refuse to answer the basic questions about what happened.”



Ryan says Obama stonewalling on Libya questions

Ryan told "The Charlie Sykes Show" on Milwaukee radio station WTMJ that the White House’s story "continues to shift."

"They refuse to answer the basic questions about what happened," Ryan said. "And so his response has been inconsistent, it’s been misleading. And more than a month later we still have more questions than answers."

The Wisconsin congressman said he hopes a congressional investigation and Monday night’s presidential debate, with its focus on foreign policy, will provide answers.

"That’s why you have these investigations in Congress, to find out what exactly happened and why the stonewalling and why blaming (the) YouTube video for two weeks," he said. "The reason we need to get to the bottom of this is so we can prevent something like this from happening again."


CBSPaul Ryan embraces SNL water joke as "hilarious"

One of the things that stood out at Paul Ryan's debate last week with Vice President Joe Biden wasn't his political or oratorical skills - it was his attention to hydration.

"I'm always seeing this advice, drink eight cups of water, and I think, 'Who does that'?" joked WTMJ radio host Charlie Sykes of Milwaukee when he greeted Ryan at the start of an interview on Friday morning. "The answer is Paul Ryan."

"If you watch me during the day, you'll see a bottle near me," Ryan said, adding: "I do drink a lot of water. I just have a very fast metabolism."

The Wisconsin congressman's water-guzzling caught the attention of Saturday Night Live, which opened its show last Saturday with a sketch portraying the debate. Ryan, played by comedian Taran Killam, was shown drinking progressively larger glasses of water, culminating with him gulping from the kind of bottle that a hamster would use, suspended over his head.

I thought it was hilarious," Ryan said of the sketch. A highlight for him seemed to be the point in the sketch when Jason Sudeikis, playing Biden, reached through the split-screen view to wipe away an exaggerated widow's peak that had been drawn on Killam's forehead to imitate Ryan's hairstyle.


And Time's link to the full audio here:

Listen to the Badger Stater’s 11-minute talk with WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes, in which the VP nominee talks debates, the debt, the economy, Libya, “Saturday Night Live,” the state of the race, and more, above.

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