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A Gotcha Story Jumps The Shark

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Officially. The Journal-Sentinel, in its continuing obsession with a lame joke by Tommy Thompson's son, is now reporting that a clownish lefty lawyer has filed an ethics complaint over the incident.

One lawyer found another's remark about sending President Barack Obama "back to Kenya" so out of bounds he's filed a formal ethics complaint.

Jason T. Thompson, of the law firm Michael Best & Friedrich, made the comment during a Republican fundraiser in Kenosha on Sunday. He is the son of GOP Senate candidate Tommy Thompson.

It was recorded by someone in attendance, and was reported by Daniel Bice in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Vince Megna, a plaintiff's attorney best known for suing car dealers and manufacturers under Wisconsin's lemon law, took offense.

"This comment is both disturbing and disgusting. It takes us back in time to the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond when any issue involving an African American elicited the almost universal cry of white America to 'send them all back to Africa,'" Megna wrote in a complaint to the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Megna contends Jason Thompson's remarks violate his lawyer's oath to support the state and federal constitutions, and that he should be sanctioned by the OLR.

Can you say "frivolous"? But that's not the half of it.

Who is Vince Megna? See for yourself. He fancies himself a satirist, although a galactically unfunny and relentlessly tedious one. He's the guy who snuck into the governor's office last year to make this snarky video, which includes the memorable line, "F*ck the Jews!"

And he's the guy who shot this video at Waupun prison, he titled: "Scott Walker Ain't No Bitch"

So, yeah, he's the perfect guy to file complaints against other lawyers for their verbal excesses.

















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