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BREAKING: Dane County Voter Fraud?

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The Sheriff's Department in one of Wisconsin's most heavily Democratic counties has begun handing out absentee ballots to inmates and deputies are being told not to verify the inmate's felony status before they are handed the ballot. "In my opinion," wrote one Dane County Sheriff's deputy, "this is causing us to be complicit in the crime." The  deputy forwarded the instruction from a lieutenant telling staff that "It is going to up to their polling locations to research whether they are allowed to vote based on criminal record, not the DCSO (Dane County Sheriff's Office.)"


 Here is a portion of what the deputy wrote (I am withholding his name for obvious reasons:


I am a Dane County Deputy Sheriff. Recently Deputies and jail staff at the Dane County Jail were instructed to disregard inmates’ felony statuses when they requested voter absentee ballots. We were also reminded to give them ink pens to allow the vote to go through. In my opinion, this is causing us to be complicit in the crime. But that’s okay in Dane County, where even the inmates support the democrats in large numbers. Additionally, verifying that an inmate is a felon would take seconds. There is no logical reason that I can find to support the following instructions. These instructions came during numerous shift briefings.




ABSENTEE BALLOTS –from Lt. [Mark] Twombly


Inmates have begun to request to have absentee ballots sent to them while incarcerated so they can vote. It is going to be up to their polling location to research whether they are allowed to vote based on their criminal record, not the DCSO.


The mail clerks have been advised to allow the ballot and envelope to be delivered to the inmate for them to completed. One issue is that the ballot will have to be filled out using an ink pen, not pencil. If an inmate requests a pen to fill out a ballot, that they can allow this. Obviously, the deputy will have to ensure the ink pen is returned and accounted for after the inmate completes the ballot.


How Democratic is Dane County?

In 2008, Obama won Dane County 73-26 over McCain. In the June 5 recall election, Democrat Tom Barrett got nearly 70% of the vote, even though Republican Scott Walker was garnering more than 54% of the vote statewide.








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