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UW Student: "I Feel Robbed"

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I was informed that you were discussing this topic yesterday on air, I would have loved to have been able to call in but unfortunately I was busy working. I grew up in the Milwaukee area listening to you and now I am in my 7th, and final, semester at Madison. A few notes from someone in the thick of it.

-The amount of classes canceled today for me adds up to $150 in instructional time I am missing and won't get back. It feels as if I have just made a generous donation to the Obama campaign, against my will.

-The total disruption of campus and the absurdity of security requirements is unacceptable. Less than a half hour ago I was accosted by a police officer on my way home from a midterm exam for walking on the wrong side of the street with a backpack. (I'd like to point out that at the time I was 3 blocks away from the backside of Bascom Hill) Evidently, my education is far less important than a campaign stop.

-The requirement to register for the event only drives home how much this isn't a Presidential Visit. Last time I checked, when elected to the be president you are considered the president of the entire United States, not just those who support you. Not this one and not here, he is only your president if you like him. You can only go see him if you are willing to give up contact information and assert that you are a Obama supporter. My tuition funds are paying for this, whether I like it or not, so shouldn't I have a chance to go see him without violating my morals?

-Why is he here? Madison is a sure fire win for Obama. He won the city of Madison and frankly all of Dane County the moment he was born with brown skin. In a "battleground" state like Wisconsin wouldn't his efforts (and annoyance) be better served in an area that he needs to win. Shouldn't be too hard to find, just look for all the counties that went with Walker. I realize he needs a good show after his failed debate performance last night, but come on. Go bug someone else.

I am angry with my University and I don't usually get that way. I feel robbed and disserviced. I feel that my University has lost my education as a priority and the 25% tuition hike in the four years I have attended here is not going to better my education but to service partisan goals at the behest of the Chancellor and Board of Regents.

I hope this perspective offers something new for you and to know that we are not all crazy out here in Madison.



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