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Smackdown, Meltdown

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Who won? All you need to watch is this clip of Chris Mathews in full arm-chewing meltdown to get your answer. 



Then there is this handy roundup from Hot air.


The Hill’s post-debate headline is “Romney lands punches against subdued Obama in first debate,” but that doesn’t remotely capture it. How bad was it for Team O? Dude:

More reaction from Twitter below. A rare moment of bipartisan consensus for America:

And the coup de grace of an unspinnably terrible night for the left:

Lisa Schiffren of NRO calls Romney’s performance “stellar” and Bill Kristol thinks it might be an inflection point. Next week’s polls should be awfully interesting. Back with more reaction links and some vid when I find a good clip.

Update: Endgame:

Update: A forlorn Bill Maher concedes Romney’s debate win while Kristol follows up by calling it the best performance by a Republican in more than 20 years. Mark Halperin calls it for Romney too, albeit not without a ridiculous bit of grade inflation for O.

Update: Via BuzzFeed, what’s the opposite of a leg tingle?



Update: You don’t need a poll to tell you who won this one, but this is gratifying:

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