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Tammy Baldwin: Porkmeister

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There is a reason why Tammy Baldwin spends most of her time attacking Tommy Thompson's record rather than touting her own.  As Christian Schneider points out today, Tammy's major "accomplishments" consist of oodles of pork and (wait for it).. a renamed post office.


[On] her congressional website, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has a section she calls "Major Accomplishments." But rather than listing things like "health care reform," or "helping lower unemployment," Baldwin's list of proud "accomplishments" amounts to nothing more than a grocery list of pork projects. Indeed, the first item on her list, entitled "Securing Federal Dollars," states:

As a Member of Congress, listening to my constituents is a big part of my job. They tell me about the needs of their community and the challenges faced by them, their family and their businesses.

I'm proud of my record of securing over $100 million federal dollars to support important projects throughout my district.

Baldwin then goes on to list, county by county, pork projects she has supported in her Madison-area district, including things like "mold research," "waterfowl breeding," bike paths, and various land acqusition projects. (I've included the full list after the jump.)

Following her site-specific spending list, Baldwin lists three other "major" accomplishments. First, she brags about setting up a congressional office in Beloit. So when the people of Beloit want to complain about not having jobs, they now have the honor of paying for an extra office where they can send Baldwin angry letters.

Next, Baldwin boasts of "Honoring Our Nation's Veterans," a vague, amorphous accomplishment in which she "secured medals and replacement medals for hundreds of area veterans." Does anyone doubt that every congressional office does this? Have we yet encountered an "anti-veteran" elected official?

Finally, Baldwin lists her crowning achievement:

Honoring a Wisconsin Legend

In 2006, President Bush signed into law legislation that I authored designating the downtown Madison Post Office as the "Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Post Office," honoring "Fighting Bob" La Follette, Wisconsin Governor, Member of Congress and U.S. Senator, who was the founder of the modern progressive movement.

Do not worry, unemployed Wisconsinite - Tammy Baldwin is on the case, naming post offices after historical figures, and claiming it as a "major accomplishment." Perhaps you can use the "Fighting Bob" post office to pick up the unemployment checks that you're getting every month.

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