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Sheriff Clarke: Chris Abele Is an Outright Liar

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 Milwaukee, WI – Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. issued the following statement regarding claims about public safety in the parks made by County Executive Chris Abele:

“Chris Abele's claim that sheriff’s deputies have not responded to calls for service in Milwaukee County parks for the last several years is an outright lie. Abele has been saying that we have refused and have not responded to calls for service in county parks for the last several years. He said it as recently as yesterday in an interview with talk show host Mark Belling. When pressed by Mark Belling, Abele couched it as something that he cannot verify but that he has heard. But he keeps saying it everywhere he goes. When Mark Belling pressed him for proof of it, Abele waffled. That is Abele's character. He is an outright liar.

In 2011 there were 3221 calls for service for Milwaukee County parks, with sheriff's deputies responding to 2,230 of those calls. So far this year there have been 2,132 calls for service for Milwaukee County parks and my deputies responded to 1090 of those calls.

In the 2012 budget, Abele eliminated the entire $3.3 million parks patrol funding from the Sheriff’s Office budget. His total public safety cut for 2012 was $11 million dollars. The county board restored 1.4 million of the $3.3 million cut for parks patrols. Despite Abele's public safety cuts, we have continued to maintain the lakefront initiative and have had to go to a calls for service strategy instead of our directed patrol strategy that we previously executed in the county parks prior to his cuts. That change in strategy reflects the budget reduction in 2012.

Abele needs to be honest with the people of Milwaukee County so that they can make an independent assessment of how he devalues public safety."



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