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Worst. Call. Evah.

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And a great cry went up from Packer Nation: shortly before 11 p.m. last night, NFL Nation uttered a record number of obscenities at their televisions.   See below for what my twitter feed looked like.



Roger Goddell on that game ending play: "it was just a bump in the road." Okay, he didn't really say that. 


I will not watch another NFL game until the referee lockout is over. Even the Packers.


Officiating is pathetic -a wild victory by Seattle - NFL MUST DO SOMETHING NOW The Commish better get the real refs on the field


: Jennings obviously intercepted that pass. And for the second straight night fake refs steal a game from a visiting team.”


Somebody told me that most NFL fans would put up with scab refs until they cost their team a game. I think we're there now.


I'd rather forfeit next week than play w/


: Could this be the NFL's version of the Pine Tar Game? Will the NFL have the guts to reverse this outcome?”

Roger Goodell should hold a news conference tomorrow and apologize to for this abomination


If you thought NFL replacement officiating couldn't become an even greater farce, the Seahawks beat the Packers on garbage.


New NFL rule: You can now catch the ball by catching the guy who holds the ball.

This is a joke. It looks like Russell Wilson is even embarrassed pretending Seattle won.


WOW! Packers lose on bogus last second call! Prediction: the NFL referee strike gets settled tomorrow. Fans will not stand for this sh#t!!


You have just watched the last game officiated by the replacement refs. Count it.

What. A. Debacle. That was horrendous all the way around. Officials blew it, and then blew it again


From on apparent M.D. Jennings INT called as Tate TD for - "That was horrible."


: I'm just stunned. He didn't catch the ball... He didn't catch the ball! How does that call get confirmed?”

: I'm done with the NFL. Call me when the real refs are back.”


: That was the worst called NFL game I have ever seen. The worst, and it ended on the worst call I've seen.”


The NFL needed a game to end this way in order to be pressured to complete a deal with refs. Unfortunate it had to be at Packers' expense.


We wondered when the replacement refs would cost a team a game. I believe we just saw one.


And the replacement refs have just cost the a win

That was absolutely outrageous.


That's the WORST call ever.


: "Golden Tate gets away with one of the most blatant offensive pass interference I've ever seen." Jon Gruden.”

That's a pick...fitting way for this game to end. Ugh. Not a touchdown. These refs can't be trusted with this call


And... Here's the officiating apocalypse that was 3 weeks coming.


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