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Are You A Moocher?

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Since the question has come up recently. Here is handy definition/checklist from "A Nation of Moochers."


A Nation of Moochers: America's Addiction to Getting Something for Nothing


A moocher is:

Someone who believes there is always a free lunch and that somebody else should pay for it.

Someone who expects others to pay to clean up their messes.

Someone who lays claim to something to which they are not rightfully due.

Someone who shifts the cost of their own irresponsibility onto others who have behaved responsibly; who, as a matter of choice, takes from or relies on the efforts and resources of others.

Someone who takes unfair advantage of others to enrich themselves or otherwise bail themselves out.

A recipient of the transfer of wealth created by others (without just cause) or who lives off of the productive efforts of others and appropriates the fruits of their enterprise without making a proportionate contribution.

Someone who voluntarily seeks to be dependent on others.


Are you a moocher? Here is a handy checklist:

*Are you over 21 and living at your mother’s house?

*Does the government send you more money than you pay in federal income taxes?

*Have taxpayers bought you breakfast, a car, or a house in the last few years? (Please include tax credits for clunkers, electric cars, and new home purchases.)

*Has the government paid you not to grow something? Have you received “disaster aid” without having suffered any losses from a disaster?

*Do you receive payments from pension funds that are disproportionate to your contributions?

*Do you routinely get something for nothing?

*Do you work for Goldman Sachs, Citibank, AIG, or the government?

*Have you walked away from your mortgage?

*Do you think government has a stash of cash that you are entitled to draw from?

*Are you an able-bodied, childless adult, who spends his/her day playing Guitar Hero, watching “The View,” or surfing the net while your spouse works to support you?

*Do you work for a lobbyist, "public affairs" company, or other corporate group whose job it is to seek privileges, benefits, or pork from government?

*Are you living off or depending on money that will have to be paid back by your children and grandchildren?


If you answered yes to any of the above, the chances are quite good that you are a citizen of moocher nation.


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