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Your Daily Media Double Standard

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The Keepers of the Conventional Wisdom worked themselves into high dudgeon today over the notion that Mitt Romney had somehow "politicized" the conflagration in the Mideast. And, lo, they declared that it was a sin to cast aspersions on The One in the midst of his manifest failure. Or something like that. The invaluable John Nolte reminds us when the media was less squeamish about such things.

Because dissent is no longer patriotic and the Obama administration made an unbelievable error when our embassy in Cairo doubled down on an apology to Islamists after those Islamists attacked the embassy, both the Democrats and Obama's Media Palace Guards are now on a full-on rampage to silence Romney and to ensure his perfectly valid criticism of Obama backfires politically.

This is the media at its most craven, where you have the likes of Ben Smith, Chuck Todd, and Mark Halperin exploiting the tragic death of Americans purely for partisan political gain and to maks sure we're not discussing Obama's inability to protect our people overseas.

Today, Senator John Kerry joined the Romney slam-a-thon, safe in the knowledge that no media entity would ever call him out on his hypocrisy. For to do so, would only amplify the hypocrisy of a media that had no problem with Bush's 2004 opponent criticizing him in the wake of a overseas tragedy....

 Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, today, publicly slamming Mitt Romney for daring to criticize Barack Obama:

This is one of those moments when Americans must unite as Americans. It is exactly the wrong time to throw political punches. It is a time to restore calm and proceed wisely.

John Kerry as the Democratic nominee in 2004 while on the campaign trail against George Bush:

Later, addressing a crowd at a picnic in Racine, W.Va., Kerry devoted almost his entire 27-minute address to a critique of Bush. On a day when seven U.S. servicemen were killed in a suicide bombing attack in Iraq, Kerry termed the war in Iraq "catastrophic." Still later, he referred to it in a statement as "a quagmire," a word often applied to the U.S. conflict in Vietnam. ..


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