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Sheriff Clarke Rips Doofus Supervisor

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Here's the statement I read this morning:


Clarke Blasts Idiotic Statement by  Supervisor Weishan

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. reacted forcefully to a stupid statement made by Supervisor Weishan in a Journal Sentinel story on Monday.  Clarke issued the following statement:

“I feel the need to speak up for the work done by law enforcement officers throughout Milwaukee County, and throughout the nation, for that matter.  This puke politician insinuates that cops are not worthy of the best equipment I can get them that might just be the difference between going home at the end of a shift or ending up on a memorial wall.

 By the way,  I didn’t see this small man at the police memorial ceremony this past May honoring the courage and sacrifice of officers killed in the line of duty protecting his pudgy ass. I wonder how many of them thought all they would ever do with their weapon was clean it or fire it on the range.   

Just last week one of my deputies took down a bank robbery suspect who just held up a bank in Germantown and is suspected of being involved in a string of bank hold-ups.   Late last year another deputy had to fire his weapon at a suspect that tried to run him down with an automobile.  That suspect was just sentenced to prison in that incident.  A Milwaukee Police officer had to defend himself the other day while responding to a man with a gun by shooting the suspect.  Fortunately these incidents are rare, but it does not lessen the danger officers face every time they hit the street.   Weishan was probably sitting safely at home, feeding his face and watching TV, oblivious to life on the street for law enforcement officers when these incidents happened. 

I am demanding an apology, not for me, but to every man and woman that has the courage and sees it as a calling, a duty to put on the badge and uniform to protect their community.  There is no such thing as a place where a law enforcement officer can’t meet a deadly encounter.  This poor excuse for a politician needs to apologize by the end of today.  This part time pencil pusher should stick to talking about which parks might need flowers planted in them or how much road salt should be purchased next winter and leave law enforcement equipment purchases to me.  If I need some advice on police equipment purchases, I certainly would not seek it from this goof.  I’ll put up with a lot, but never will I allow an idiot like Weishan disparage the work of law enforcement officers or the daily danger they face. 

I want to thank Supervisor Mark Borkowski for saying what Weishan did not have the wisdom to say.  

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