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Stonewalling? Um, Hardly.

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For the rest of the story that was somehow left out of  the JS story, see below. I found it interesting that Dan Bice and his editors would have used the most loaded possible term -- "stonewalled" -- in an article four days before the election. The word, however, appears nowhere in the documents and was used by no one in the DA's office. It was the newspaper's own editorial interpretation. Instead of reporting the story straight, they provided Tom Barrett with a talking point. Bias much? So what's the story? Walker's campaign provided this response to Bice before he wrote about alleged "stonewalling." 


Mr. Chisholm stated at the announcement of the charges that his office launched the John Doe investigation in May 2010 after being request by the Milwaukee County Executive's office. The County Executive's 
office was unable to provide documentation because all documents pertaining to the financial discrepancies were in possession of Kevin Kavanaugh while he was treasurer of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Multiple requests were made by the County Executive's staff for documentation from Mr. Kavanaugh, as reported by the media, without success thus the County Executive's office requested the district attorney to investigate. 
"Governor Walker had his Chief of Staff request the Milwaukee County District Attorney investigate financial discrepancies that his staff discovered with a veterans organization running an annual event.  Multiple 
follow ups were made by the chief of staff to the district attorney's office to offer assistance in
that investigation and any statement to the contrary is not correct."
Additionally, the documents sited by Mr. Bice do not claim County Executive Scott Walker's office was "stonewalling" attempts to collect information but the office was either "unwilling or unable" to provide said information. As made clear with the above information, the county executives office was "unable" to provide the information requested, not "stonewalling" Mayor Barrett alleges.

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