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Dear Mr. Barrett

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You claim that you want to end the political 'civil war" in Wisconsin. I'm not going to mention your year-long silence about the attacks on local businesses or on the person and family of Scott walker. Specifically, I want to ask you about your party's official spokesman. Do you support this sort of rhetoric? Do you condone these sorts of charges? Are you willing to disassociate yourself with the blatant lies and slurs being spread by the Democrat party's spokesman, Graeme Zielinski? Why have you not yet done so? Specifically, I would like you to comment on this: "Gov. Scott Walker is helping pay for the criminal defense of a man accused of "boy rape."

Among the nearly 20 tweets on the subject that day, many were framed as rhetorical questions, such as "DEAR WISCONSIN: Your Governor, @GovWalker, may be bankrolling the criminal defense of a top @WisGOP who tried to rape underage boys."

The most jarring message was this one:

"@MarkBellingShow, @JerryBaderShow, liar@SykesCharlie, @VickiMcKenna-you guys shud hold fundraiser 4 @GovWalker defense of boy rape."

The tweet, in which Zielinski attempts to draw several conservative radio talk show hosts into the fray, flatly states Walker is defending someone accused of a sex assault involving a child. Indeed, the way it was stated it could be read as if Walker has taken a broader position in defense of "boy rape."



Graeme Zielinski@gjzielinski

Liar @S was CENTRAL to the pals scheme to rob from veterans. Happy Memorial Day, .

Mr. Mayor,

As you may know this station and my show have played a central role in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Stars and Stripes Honor Flights, which flies WWII vets to see their memorial in Washington, D.C.. 

  I expect you to denounce this slander and to ask for an official apology from the DPW.


Charlie Sykes


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