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The Coming Walker Smear

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With Walker now leading in the polls this was perhaps to be expected. So far it is awfully weak tea, but clearly lefty talkers are trying to peddle rumors (can the JS be far behind) . Here's a story about MSNBC's talker Ed Schultz's rambling speculation on leaks. Despite the efforts by the legal establishment to disparage any criticism of the John Doe process, there are only  two possibilities here: (1) This is just a flat out lefty rumor/smear that the Dems are trying to float in their final desperate hours, (2) The Democrat DA is selectively leaking slanted rumors from the "secret" probe to hurt Walker in the  final desperate hours.


"Now, sources are telling me -- now how good are your sources? How good are my sources? How good are anybody's sources? -- we have been told, if I may put it that way, and I'm maybe going out of bounds here a little bit, well, it's talk radio, don't worry, I'm not calling anybody any names, that Walker has recently met with the district attorney. And it didn't go real well. And one source tells us that, uh, he's not cooperating the way he should be with the DA. Uh, he's gettin' real tight. And, that, this is, this is, this is, I mean, I tell you what, this is so good. This is, this is, I mean, this is soap opera stuff.


Jack Coleman writes:


Not that the Chisholm team in the Milwaukee County DA's office is above partisanship. The Wisconsin-based conservative watchdog site Media Trackers reported last month that 43 of Chisholm's employees -- including a deputy district attorney and 19 assistant district attorneys -- signed petitions seeking a recall election against Walker.

Chisholm and his underlings have also been criticized for suspected involvement in an ongoing pattern of illegal leaks from their investigation of former Walker aides. In an April 10 post at RedState titled "The Left, the Media and Plans to Destroy Scott Walker," Drew Ryun elaborates on the uncanny ways in which information from supposedly secret John Doe proceedings wend their way into local media.

Ryun, who created the Media Trackers site for Wisconsin, writes that "Wisconsin law prohibits individuals with knowledge of a John Doe investigation from talking about it to anyone, including the media." This includes witnesses, those being investigated -- and the investigators themselves.

Which brings me back to Schultz's claim that Walker met with Chisholm as part of the investigation of his former aides. "I'm maybe going out of bounds here a little bit," Schultz let on about what he'd been told. Almost as if the "one source" divulging this information told Schultz, you know what, I'm not supposed to tell you this, it's actually illegal.

As to where that source works -- the Democratic DA's office in Milwaukee or Republican governor's office in Madison -- is there a scintilla of doubt? Only the most deluded left-winger could possibly believe it was Walker or someone close to him who disclosed this information to Schultz -- who reviles Walker -- while breaking the law in the process.

I'll stick my neck out and suggest it is infinitely more likely to have come from someone who listens to Schultz, uh, on his or her lunch break.

Not only that, there is little doubt about when this was leaked to Schultz. It was surely told to him after his radio show Monday when Schultz complained about Walker leading Barrett in two polls and the DNC balking on financial support for Barrett's campaign. Had Schultz known this Friday, he would have run with it then. Or the day before, or any other day. Schultz went on the air with this as soon as he possibly could -- within minutes of the start of his radio show Tuesday.

If you doubt that Schultz's win-at-any-cost ethos is firmly intact as he watches Barrett's prospects fade (and Obama looking more vulnerable by the week), listen to him lash out at Democrats for not doing enough to defeat Walker.

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