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If I Wanted Wisconsin to Fail...

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One of our listeners wrote this:



If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

To sink, not swim.
To dwindle, not expand.
To dull, not shine.

I'd start with the political climate.

I would threaten elected officials with recalls before they were even sworn into office.
I would highly politicize non-partisan races and cite than an unofficial 200 vote win was decisive, yet an official 7,000 vote loss was strangely suspicious.
I would demand a state wide recount of the votes and make taxpayers pay for it.
I would refuse to condemn attack ads by a third party organization on my behalf that were so untruthful and vicious that even the victim of a sexual assault case would need to make a rebuttal.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

I would convince Wisconsinites that running away from one's job is more courageous than staying at work and making the tough decisions.
I would convince Wisconsinites that it's admirable to organize "sick out" strikes that force entire school systems to shut down.
I would convince them as well that it was simply bravery to come back to work with phony doctor's excuses.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

I would preach civility while dumping beer on an elected official's head while video recording just to see if I could use any retaliation to my advantage. And I would make sure that the only punishment I received from a judge sympathetic to my cause was to pay for the dry cleaning.
I would turn a blind eye towards journalists and on-air news anchors signing a recall petition and then muster a straight face that to say that their personal bias wouldn't have any impact on their professions.
I wouldn't see any problem at all with judges overseeing cases in which the defendant is the same person the judge signed a recall petition to throw out of office.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

I would cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to state buildings while chanting "shame shame shame" at my political opposites.
I would convince Wisconsinites that collective bargaining is a basic right. And that the middle class consists of nothing but public union employees.
Never bring into light the fact that most in the private sector, and even federal employees have no such "right" to bargain on anything - including wages.
I would convince people that everyone should pay their fair share, while fighting to make sure that public union employees don't contribute towards their own retirement funds and almost nothing towards lavish insurance benefits.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

I would support mining legislation up until the the final vote, and then reverse direction at the last second for the purpose of denying my political opposition any kind of victory that would greatly benefit the state's economy, especially in a depressed area.
It would be a point to have an allied media start moving away from following the unemployment percentage, and move towards a new number - jobs lost - to tilt stories and therefore the minds of the uninformed. Never bring up that "jobs lost" includes things such as retirement.
And when it comes to where those jobs were lost, I would generalize the region to a metro area, rather than give specifics so as not to directly include a political ally presiding over the majority of actual private sector "jobs lost."

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

I would spend money so wildly that even borrowing from neighboring states, raiding one-time stimulus funds for transportation, and illegally taking money from a patient compensation fund would get us to only within $140 Million of balancing the budget, and just let the next guy in line take care of the mess.
I would complain about the lack of bus services in the city of Milwaukee while using over $65 Million to build a street car that only goes in a 2 mile loop on the east side.
I would criticize Sherriff departments for not providing adequate security when the President comes to town, even though I would vote to cut law enforcement budgets.
The double digit tax increases I would propose...well, I'd convince Wisconsinites that they're there to fund all of the improvements they'll be seeing in their communities - in putting more money towards failing schools, crumbling roads, and pension scandals.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...

I would do everything and anything to make the state as unfavorable as I could to small businesses with big ideas. I would create regulations lined with red tape to make it harder to conduct business, more expensive to conduct business, more difficult to locate business, and tax their income as much as I could. That way, the threat of Wisconsin growing another Harley Davidson, Mercury Marine, or Briggs and Stratton would be minimal.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...I would only need to convince the voters in the state that all of this is simply better than what we have now. That if we went back to what we had, everything would be OK. If I wanted Wisconsin to fail, I would exploit the uninformed. That way I could lead the politically blind and deaf to whatever destination and conclusion I wanted.

If I wanted Wisconsin to fail...
I would recall Scott Walker.



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